1. Halloween Party - Imagine (Harry [Dirty])

    (Y/N)’s POV: I looked at myself up and down in the mirror and smiled. I looked fantastic. I was dressed up as a fairy for the Halloween party that my best friend Harry was hosting. I love Halloween; it’s the one time a year that good girls like me can go out looking like a prostitute and get away with it. That was the whole point of this costume actually. Everyone thought that I was the innocent girl, the boring girl. I was going to change that tonight.

    Harry’s POV: I watched as people started filing into my house. I would be lying if I said that I knew all of them, but if anyone knew how to hold a party it was me. Everyone seemed to know that too.

    That’s when I saw her, (Y/N). My eyes widened as I looked her up and down. She wore a short dress tight dress that barely covered her bum. She looked fantastic. I hadn’t ever seen her wear anything slightly revealing, so I never realized what a great figure she had. Her dress had a low neck line that accentuated her cleavage.

    “Dude, is that (Y/N)?” Louis said from behind me.

    “You know her?” Niall chimed in, he was looking over hungrily at her.

    I just nodded, I couldn’t stop staring at her. Then she looked up and our eyes meant. I smiled and waved her over.

    She pranced over and embraced me in a tight hug. I stiffened and adjusted awkwardly as to hind the growing erection I was getting.

    “Hi, I’m Zayn,” Zayn said moving in and winking at her. I hadn’t even seen him arrive. I cursed him in my head, I didn’t want anyone else to have her. I know that sounds greedy, but she was MY best friend. They hadn’t even noticed her before tonight.

    “I know,” she said, ” I sit behind you in chemistry. I was your partner for the lab we did last week.”

    (Y/N)’s POV: I couldn’t help but feel a little irritated. I know that these boys were some of Harry’s closest friends, but how could they not have noticed me. I had been going to school with them for four years. How do you just not notice someone who you have gone to school with for that long?

    “Hey (Y/N)” a warm voice said from be hid me. I turned to see Liam, he was dressed as batman, it was adorable. Liam was one of Harry’s nicer friends, or at least he had taken the time to actually learn my name.

    To tell you the truth though, I can’t blame them for not knowing my name. I was that quiet socially awkward girl. The one who sat in the back of the class, and was always the last one to get chosen for anything, whether it be teams for physical education, or partners for a group assignment. Then there was them, they were the super popular boys who got any girl they wanted to. I’m not really sure how Harry and I had become so close. We stayed after school one day to work on a math project together, and he was actually nice. He wasn’t anything like I thought the popular boys would be, he was funny and charming. Every since then we had become closer and closer.

    “Would you like to dance?” Liam said holding his hand out like a true gentle man. I couldn’t help but smile and agreed.

    Harry’s POV: I watched her and Liam head off to go dance. I couldn’t believe it, out of all of them, Liam was the last one I expected to take her from me. Well I guess I couldn’t blame him, she was gorgeous, and it’s not like I had told anyone that I liked her. In face, not many people even knew that we hung out.

    I went and got something to drink. I watched the way her body moved, she swayed her hips, I had never seen her like this, it was so unlike her. She looked great, but I didn’t like all the attention every boy was giving her.

    I marched up to her and grabbed her dragging her into the kitchen.

    “What’s gotten into you?” I asked.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” she said shrugging.

    “Have you seen the way the other boys are looking at you? They are staring at you like a piece of meat!”

    “What do you care? Harry, you don’t understand. You can get any girl you want. Boys never even give me a second glance. I have never had guys look at me the way they are tonight. I’m that awkward ugly girl.”

    My face and rage softened. I frowned and brought my hand up to her cheek.

    “You’re not ugly, you’re gorgeous,” then I brought my lips to hers. The kiss was sweet and passionate. Then my tongue brushed softly against her bottom lip. She froze and drew back.

    “What’s wrong babe?” I asked staring into her eyes.

    “Harry, I’ve never even kissed a boy before this,” she said nervously.

    “It’s okay, you’re like it,” I assured her resting her forehead against mine. Her breath washing over my face.

    (Y/N)’s POV: He brought his lips back to mine and his tongue made it’s way into my mouth. He caressed my tongue with his and I let a small moan out into his mouth.

    Then he picked me up bridal style and carried me to his bedroom. Laying me softly on the sheets he started to remove his shirt, before he pulled off my dress.

    I was left in my black strapless bra and lacy panties.

    “You’re beautiful,” he whispered his lips brushing against my neck leaving small kisses up and down my body.

    He pulled off his pants and underwear, that’s when I saw it. I gulped as I stared at his member. I knew what was going to happen. I was nervous though, I hadn’t even kissed a boy before this, and now I was going to go all the way with one. I was glad it was Harry though.

    Harry’s POV: I saw the uncertainty in her eyes as she stared at me. I sat down next to her and lifted her chin with my hand.

    “If you don’t want to do this we don’t have to,” I told her. I didn’t want to do anything she wasn’t comfortable with. This would be her first time.

    “No, I want to,” she said running her hands over my chest. My hand went behind her and unhooked her bra. I watched it fall to the ground and took in the sight.

    My hands went to her breasts and my thumbs rubbed over her nipples. She gasped, then turned away from me.

    “Do you not want to do this?” I asked her.

    She shook her head, “no I do, I’m just afraid I’m going to do something wrong.”

    I couldn’t help but smile, “It’s okay, I’ll help you.”

    She nodded and I reached down to slide off her panties. I marveled at her naked body. She was so gorgeous.

    Then I brought my hand down and slid my fingers over her wet slit, using her juices as lube as I rubbed her clit softly. She let out a loud moan and her hips bucked up to meet my fingers.

    I slid one of my fingers into her and she gasped. Her eyes shut her head rolled back. Seeing her face made me one hundred times harder than I had been.

    “Are you ready?” I asked her as I positioned myself at her entrance.

    (Y/N)’s POV: He rubbed the head of his member up and down my slit and I squirmed trying to get him inside of me.

    “Are you ready?” he asked and I nodded.

    He slowly pushed into me. I bit my lip because of the pain, I could feel the tears forming in my eyes.

    “Ssh,” he said leaning down and kissing my cheek, “it will feel better soon I promise.”

    Then he pushed all the way into me. He stopped moving, and let me adjust, soon the pains started to ease up.

    Harry’s POV: I pushed all the way into her. She was so tight, it felt amazing, better than anyone else I had been with.

    Then her hips started moving. I took that as a signal to continues and I started thrusting into her. Slowly at first. I could feel the sweat starting to form on my forehead.

    “Harry,” she gasped, “faster.”

    I obliged and my thrusts became harder and faster. She was clawing at my back and writhing beneath me. Her pleasure was beautiful.

    Then with a loud moan I felt her clench around my dick.

    “Harry!” she said her eyes wide.

    That looks of pure bliss on her face pushed me over the edge. I collapsed next to her, and pulled her up. She rested her head on my chest and her fingers traced little shape on my chest.

    “That was amazing,” she breathed out.

    “(Y/N) you’re amazing, don’t let anyone ever tell you any differently” I said gently squeezing her close to me.